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Koiwa's Thai massage salon
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Koiwa Thai Massage Aljana
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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
With Thailand's unique stretch
Joining joints and muscles
Fatigue of your daily legs, waist and shoulders refreshed!
Also refreshing muscle fatigue after work and sports!
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
●Traditional Thai Massage
What is Thai traditional massage?
It is one of traditional medicine that has long been known to Thailand and it is a relaxing massage with a slow rhythm. By stimulating the energy line called "sen" flowing through the body with fingers, elbows, knees, and soles, it can activate the body and enhance the natural healing power.
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
What is the effect of Thai ancient massage?
The effect of Thai ancient massage is not only to unravel stiffness and heal tiredness. The indications of Thai Ministry of Health include 60 types including high blood pressure, cold, constipation, irregular menstruation and asthma. In addition, it is good for stability of the mind because it is done with a slow rhythm tailored to the heart nights, and it also fulfills the role of relieving stress. For this reason, in recent years, Thai ancient massage has become available as an alternative therapy for diseases at university hospitals and so on.
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
The story that Thai ancient massage seems pain is a misunderstanding!
Thai traditional massage will extend muscles and indirects that you will not normally use. It will also be done in a very slow rhythm adapted to the heartbeat. There is little treatment that gives irritating stimulation. It is a stretch that seems to be painful, but this is like a flexible exercise, it will take place slowly and slowly. If the body is stiff and stretch is painful, it is done while adjusting. It is desirable that stretching is a body that is not painful. It is said that modern people are exposed to a lot of stress every day, affecting the onset of lifestyle diseases, and decreasing immunity.
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
●Oil Massage
Reduce muscle fatigue by pushing the point,
Oil massage that promotes lymph flow and promotes metabolism

Oil massage supplies oxygen to the skin cells with a component of the oil and polite massage, promotes skin respiration and promotes normal metabolism. Although it does not include stretches like Thai ancient massage, it relieves muscle fatigue by pushing the point, improves the flow of lymph and improves physical condition.
It will moisturize and moisturize the skin moisturizing the skin, making it soft and lively, so it is also recommended for people who care about keratin and dry skin.
●Coconut Oil Massage
Moisturizing,antioxidant effect,
Coconut oil massage
The characteristic of coconut oil is lauric acid and abundant vitamin E. It seems that this lauric acid is proved to be effective against skin problems caused by bacteria such as eczema, athlete's foot, and candida, which are excellent in antibacterial properties. Vitamin E has the effect of cleansing the skin anyway, it contains ingredients that promote blood circulation while preventing spots, dullness, promotion of aging and so on.
Coconut oil also has a high moisturizing effect, because it is a component close to sebum, it is familiar to the skin, protects your skin from drying and keeps moisture.
In addition, coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid which is a breast milk component. This lauric acid is a fatty acid hard to oxidize called medium chain fatty acid. High antimicrobial and antioxidant lauric acid improves immunity. It seems that there is work that protects skin from oxidation that causes aging by massaging with coconut oil.
●Foot Massage
The foot is said to be the second heart, and the acupuncture points related to organs
There are points that are related to the trachea such as eyes, ears, nose etc. on the toes of the toes
Foot massage massage to stimulate these acupoints
The exact name of foot massage massage is called reflex zone therapy of the foot actually does not stimulate the acupuncture point of the foot but stimulates the zone called reflective zone that there is a reflexive connection to the body's organs, We are trying to make disease in various parts of healthy state. Reflective area is where peripheral nerves connected to each body and each part of the body concentrate.
The feet are said to be "second heart", "cold" and "swelling" etc. are inadequate signs feet tell. If there is a very painful place receiving a foot acupressure massage, that reflection section is screaming.
It is said that blood circulation improves by tying a foot, waste matter is excreted outside the body, the internal organs and brain are activated, and the resistance of the body also increases. It is recommended for people with poor appetite, constipation, organs. In fact, I hear such voices as "chronic stiff shoulders have been dissolved", "constipation disappeared", "blood glucose level has declined", "healthy being lost" and so on.
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"




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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
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Traditional Thai Massage "Aljana"
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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"