Sobu line "Koiwa" station South entrance 1 min walk
Koiwa's Thai massage salon
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Koiwa Thai Massage Aljana
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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Thai massage Anjana is a Thai massage salon on the 3rd floor of the building just before entering the SUNROAD shopping street, 1 minute on foot from Minami Koiwa, JR Chuo-Sobu line "Koiwa" station in Tokyo, Edo-ku, Tokyo.
In Thai massage Aljana, Thailand female staff will massage the home of Thai massage. It is an experienced staff who is also very flexible. Please tell us how tired you are, especially if there is a painful spot, please do not hesitate to tell us so.
Those who live in Sobu line such as Koganei, Kinshicho, Kameido, Hirai, Shin-Koiwa, Ichikawa, Honachiwa, Shimosa Nakayama, Nishi-Funabashi etc. are sure to be sure that Thai ancient massage unjana Please come to heal our daily fatigue. We are waiting for you from the same staff.
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
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Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
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Thai traditional massage salon for folk remedies
Traditional Thai Massage "Aljana"
7-26-20 Minami Koiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
Namiki Building 3F
To Call
JR Chuo Sobu Line
"Koiwa" station South entrance 1 min walk
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11:00〜late night4:00
7 days a week
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"
Thai Massage Koiwa "Aljana"